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Papers and Presentations:

NEW - Using Full Wave Solvers for Practical Analysis of Capacitor Mounting Structures (paper) (slides)

PCB Design Methods for Optimum FPGA SerDes Jitter Performance (paper) (slides)

Considerations for Capacitor Selection in FPGA Designs (slides)

Bypass Capacitor Inductance, Data Sheet Simplicity to Practical Reality (slides)

Bypass Filter Design Considerations for Modern Digital Systems (slides)

System Considerations for Bypass Filter Designs (slides)

Impact of PCB Stack-up and Capacitor Via Design In Power Distribution Design (slides)

Using MWS for High Bandwidth Connector Launch Optimizations (slides)

Design and Modeling of Future Ultra-High-Speed Interconnect Systems (slides)

Simplified Design and Modeling of Surface Mount Connector Pad Transitions for Applications at 10 to 20 Gbps NRZ (paper) (slides)

How to Use Connector Spice Models (slides)

Connector Pinout - The Art and Science of Assigning Connector Grounds (slides)

Electrically Transparent 50 Gbps Board-to-Board Interconnect (slides part 1) (slides part 2)

The Impact of PCB Laminate Weave on the Electrical Performance of Differential Signaling at Multi-Gigabit Data Rates (paper) (slides)

High Performance FPGA Bypass Networks (paper) (slides)

Capacitor Placement (slides)

Advances in Modeling Interconnect (slides)

Hybrid Solver and Measurement Based Design (slides)

Teraspeed® IBIS Modeling (slides)

IBIS Modeling Process (slides)

Random Observations About Vias (slides)

IBIS Present and Future(slides)

Taylor Series Duality (paper) (slides)

Evaluation of a Single Via in the Frequency Domain (slides)




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