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Semiconductor Vendor IBIS Models

Note, the links to free IBIS model sources are provided for information only; the listing of these links does not imply suitability for any purpose. Other models may be found by searching for IBIS under vendor sites since links may have changed.

Modeling Utilities

  • ibischk6
    The official ibischk6 checks Version 1.1, 2.1, 3.2, 4.2, 5.0/5.1 and 6.0 level IBIS files. (Use -ebd. -pkg and -ami flags for .ebd, .pkg and .ami files, -caution flag for addtional quality checks, and -numbered flag for message number.) Contracted by the IBIS Open Forum, several people supported and contributed to its development.
  • icmchk1
    The official icmchk1 checks Version 1.1 level ICM files. Contributed by Kelly Green in colaboration with the IBIS Open Forum. Source code available under GPL for non-commercial applications. See copyright and contact the IBIS Forum concerning commercial usage.
  • tschk2
    The official tschk2 checks Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 level Touchstone files and supports conversion between the two versions where practical. Contracted by the IBIS Open Forum to Agilent Technologies.
  • ibisinf
    Download Zuken's IBIS Information Utility Version 1.0.3. It provides component and model information under Windows or Linux and supports table delimiter selection for exporting tables into spreadsheets.
  • ibis2spice
    Download an IBIS to Spice conversion utility from Intusoft. Feedback is requested. Intusoft will upload templates to work with all versions of Spice.
  • s2ibis (Version 1.3)
    North Carolina State University provided the original s2ibis utility for automatic Spice model to IBIS Version 1.1 model conversion.
  • s2ibis2 (Version 1.1)
    North Carolina State University provided the s2ibis2 utility for automatic Spice model to IBIS Version 2.1 model conversion. Also download the s2ibis2.fix.tar.Z file and compile a new executable to avoid a decimal digit accuracy problem. Cisco Systems has contributed a Linux version with the fix included.
  • s2ibis2 for NT
    Download executables and documentation contributed by SiQual Corporation which had some accuracy enhancement for better waveform table generation for Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 environments.
  • s2ibis3 (Version 1,1)
    North Carolina State University is providing s2ibis3 under JAVA to support addtional IBIS Version 3.2 features. Changes include Eldo and external SPICE command support, and series and series switch extensions and bug fixes. See the FAQ page for more information. IO Methodology is providing support for s2ibis3.
  • s2iplt
    Program plots *.ibs file tables. Written by North Carolina State University.
  • IBIS Development Studio 2.0
    Sintecs provides a free IBIS viewer for IBIS Version 5.0 files and limited editor for Windows. License is required for full editing.
  • Visual IBIS Editor 3.2
    Mentor Graphics (HyperLynx) provides a free IBIS viewer and checker for Windows. Product purchase required for full editing features.


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