Professional Training


Teraspeed® Consulting delivers training by professionals with years of "real-life" experience in the engineering and implementation of high-performance systems. Teraspeed® consultants have presented at various companies and venues to thousands of participants with resounding results. Practical examples based upon actual experience are used to provide intuitive learning for both simple and advanced theoretical concepts. Participants leave from our presentations with answers and new insights.

Teraspeed® courses can be delivered to groups both large and small to develop or enhance your team's competency in a wide variety of areas. Custom classes can be arranged for one day to one week in duration.

Topics include:

Basic Signal Integrity

Simulation and Modeling Methods

Differential System Design

Basic IBIS Training

Advanced IBIS Modeling

3.125 Gbps System Design

Advanced Package Modeling and Simulation Methods

Layout and Routing Strategies for High-Performance Systems

Advance Ultra-High-Speed Design

SERDES and PLL Jitter Measurement and Analysis



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