Teraspeed® Consulting and Teraspeed® Labs bring the leading-edge of interconnect and switching technology to your design team. Whether you are designing terabit switch fabrics, OC-192 packages, XAUI interfaces, advanced busses, complex printed circuit boards, or complete systems, Teraspeed® engineers can bring our experience to bear on your problems.

As a company of seasoned professionals, Teraspeed® consultants add extreme value to your projects. By staying abreast of the the latest interconnect and signaling technology, redefining the state-of-the-art in modeling, simulation and measurement methodologies, we provide the knowledge you need to compete in fast-changing markets.

Teraspeed® engineers push the envelope in interconnect design, utilizing layout and routing strategies which combine the minimum printed circuit board layer count with maximum performance and lowest cost.

At Teraspeed® Consulting Group LLC , we're in business to provide superior value with extreme performance in Interconnect Engineering.



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